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(Last Update on Feb 13, 2011)



Change the Rules..


…is open to anybody interested in Sales Performance and Positioning of Sales in a Company - Official Start of the Group will be March 1st 2011

The group was initiated and is being managed by Antonio Ciriello and Wilhelm Graupner.

Often sales focuses on communicated customer needs - this group is about walking the parallel path with a rule changer. Supporting customer goals directly, instead of the communicated needs by the customer, means to generate maximum value for the customer. This typically leads to a longterm win-win situation for both parties.

In addition, this might often lead to a different product positioning or even re-shaping your business through a proactive sales organisation. The first steps are usually vertical or horizontal growth of your business in a customer's supply chain with a corresponding stronger positioning based on better value to the customer.

NOTE: This is NEITHER an automotive, NOR a powertrain NOR an AVL-group. This is a Sales Group.




Feb 13, 2011

Figure on Customer Needs vs. Customer Goals


Feb 13, 2011

On the Logo: 1+1 = 3 – what do we mean ?


  • In our opinion when customer and supplier meet at the right level 1+1 = 3. This is called win-win.
  • We advice to change the rules in sales – do not react to needs, try to understand your customer’s goals and contribute to them.

Feb 14, 2011

Figure on Consultative Sales vs. Transactional Sales











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